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Pass It Down is a new digital storytelling platform that makes storytelling easy by allowing you and your loved ones to craft stories using video, audio, photos and text.

Don't let the memories- the stories- pass you by. Pass them down.

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Our Story

Before my mom passed, I was inspired to create a company that would make it easy to record the stories of friends and families so they could be shared for years to come.

I hope Pass It Down will make it possible for everyone to capture the stories of their loved ones and hold on to those forever. I'm not a dad yet, but someday my kids will be able to meet my grandparents and hear them tell their stories because of Pass It Down. I'm proud of that.


Chris Cummings, Founder

Chris Cummings


How It Works

Pass It Down makes it simple to use your phone, tablet, or computer to capture the memories that matter so they can be passed down to future generations.

How it Works

Great Questions Lead To Great Stories

Choose one of our curated questions to prompt your storytelling, or create your own story from scratch. This is your blank canvas to create!

Pathways: Storytelling Made Easy

Capturing the stories of your loved ones should be easy which is why we designed Pathways. Pathways are sets of questions that will help you record and share your family's most meaningful stories!

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