greetingStory 24 Card Memory Box



greetingStory™ cards are greeting cards that make it easy to capture, share and preserve family memories and spark conversations. Every card features a different question and tips and instructions to guide your loved ones in sharing their life stories. Inside every box, are 24 cards, 24 instructions, and 24 kraft envelopes.

You can choose, mix and match from our card designs or get several of the same design to fill your own greetingStory™ Memory Box. We also offer a “Biographer Set” where we have preselected the cards for you! 

After ordering, we will send you a list of 50 cards to choose from.

greetingStory is the perfect gift for...

1. A Relative You Need to Interview

We created greetingStory™ to make it easier to capture family memories for relatives of all ages. Our cards are proven to work much better than a “memory book” and are used by families, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes around the world.

2. Family Reunions

greetingStory™ cards are the perfect bring-along for your next family reunion. Each card sparks a conversation and the included tips help each family member to bring their story to life.

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3. A Nice Gift for Your Clients

Whether you are a financial adviser, #girlboss and more — greetingStory™ cards are perfect gifts for your clients. Brighten their day and show you care about them and their family.

4. A Loved One with Alzheimer’s or Dementia

greetingStory™ cards are great reminiscence therapy tools that help loved ones remember positive life events and stimulate conversation. Often, someone with early- to mid-stage dementia will experience moments of confusion and will start communicating less. Finding topics of conversation can be difficult but the absence of conversation will only make things worse.

With a variety of topics, questions and pictures, greetingStory makes it easy to help you connect with a loved one with dementia and to help them recall happy memories that can spark incredible conversations.

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How It Works

greetingStory™ cards are greeting cards designed by biographers to make it easy to capture, share and preserve family memories.

1. Every Card Features a Question on the Cover

Each greetingStory™ card is hand-picked by our team to help spark a memory and to prompt an incredible story.

2. With Simple Tips & Instructions Included

Designed to help guide your loved one in sharing their memories and to pull out the details that will bring their story to life.

3. To Guide Your Loved One to Write Their Memories

Every card features two prominent spaces for a loved one to share their memory. Plus, every card answered becomes a wonderful keepsake that will be cherished for years to come.

Documenting little details of your everyday life becomes a celebration of who you are. ~ Carolyn Hamilton

4. Easy to mail back

Our Memory Boxes make it easy for your loved ones to send you their stories when finished. Every box includes 24 kraft envelopes so all they have to do is place their card in the mailbox and send it back.

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Don’t Send a Card, Send a Memory

In an increasingly digital world, how nice is it today when you get a greeting card in the mail? greetingStory™ was created to help make family storytelling easy and fun for your aging relatives by using greeting cards as a medium to capture family stories everywhere. Memory Boxes are great for gifts, sparking conversations, and when you want all your cards at once.