Knowledge Transfer:

Pass It Down empowers your business to preserve its institutional knowledge and culture.

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Pass It Down help’s companies around the world retain knowledge and build their culture through storytelling

What we do

Knowledge Transfer Brings Your Corporate Stories and History to Life

We are expert storytellers who help businesses around the world collect, preserve, and share their stories, culture, and institutional knowledge. Our award-winning storytelling technology makes collecting your business’s stories easy and fun, and we craft your stories into videos, magazines, books and more to bring those stories to life.


1. Strengthen Culture

Behind every great business is the why that drove the founders to take a risky leap and follow their dreams. Identifying that why, and bringing the story to life, is critical to building and maintaining the culture within your business. Studies have proven that culture comes before performance. Pass It Down help’s tell your why story.

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Reduce Turnover
  • Increase Performance

2. Collect  & Transfer Tribal Knowledge

Every employee is a valuable member of your team full of knowledge, experience, and wisdom that makes your company better. The problem is that when employee’s are far apart, retire or leave the company they take that wealth of knowledge with them. Pass It Down’s award-winning technology makes capturing and transferring employee knowledge easy and fun to do.

3. Enhance Performance

The quickest way to kill performance is to have a team of unengaged employees who don’t know or believe in the mission, vision, and values of your business. Pass It Down increases employee performance by building culture within your business and by empowering your employees to feel their voice and knowledge is heard. Pass It Down makes your team feel special through featuring their stories and knowledge in videos, magazines, and books about your business.

Are You Ready to Strengthen Your Culture, Collect Your Company Knowledge, and Explode Employee Performance?

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