What makes your community special?

What makes your community special?

I grew up outside of St. Louis, Missouri in a little town called Wildwood. My boyhood  memories are filled with adventures in the woods with friends, watching Ozzie Smith do backflips in Busch Stadium, trips to the Arch and the Science Museum (where you could build an Arch with your friends… mind blown), and field trips to see the caves. Life was good.

Funnily enough, I haven’t stepped foot in St. Louis since my parents moved away when I was ten years old but I can still recall these memories like it was yesterday. Deep down, I have strong sentimental memories attached to Wildwood and St. Louis and it’s a place I care about. It’s a community.

At Pass It Down, our team spends a lot of time thinking about communities and what makes our communities special. Our belief is that every community in the world has something that makes it special. 

Our Mission is to bring every community’s story to life.

Our communities, our stories, and our memories of these places matter. Building relationships with your community matter. Our favorite definition of community is that it’s “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.” In the past, being an active member of our community was easy. We walked to work and got to know our neighbors and were proud of where we called home. People knew their community stories and its city’s history, good and bad.

Today, we live in the age of the now where our lives are dominated by constant status updates, notifications, blips and status updates. People spend more time building “relationships” online versus getting to know the friendly hot dog owner on the corner or the cute Italian grandmother who always sits on her stoop to watch the sun set. People commute to and from their work and when they get home they would rather watch Netflix then spend time with the friendly couple down the road.

At Pass It Down, we aren’t naive enough to think that technology is going away but we fundamentally believe that we can use technology to bring people together. We are building a platform for communities to collect and preserve these memories of our homes and towns, the little quirks that make each place special.

As we set out on this journey to help communities bring their stories to life, we would love your feedback, thoughts and ideas. We can’t wait to hear the things you come up with. Check out the first article in this series: Pass It Down expands into community storytelling.