Pass It Down Forms Strategic Partnership With Engine On

Pass It Down Forms Strategic Partnership With Engine On


As technology continues to innovate, and drive engagement, the narratives for how we participate in cultural spaces: institutions, education, and museums, is changing for the better. Engine On and Pass It Down create new spaces for accessible institution engagement, for richer participation with audiences of all ages, and shift experiences from monologue to dialogue. The digital tools allow our partner institutions to get these stories on line and on site within weeks of initiation.

Interactivity and engagement are some of the most important design tools attracting visitors to a variety of institutions, museums, and community spaces. The role of “cultural keepers” has evolved from collecting and conserving objects, to engaging with the ongoing interpretations of the objects and their connections to the public. Diversifying engagement and deepening these connections, creates a chain migration to improved narratives.

“We are so pleased to have this strategic partnership with Chris and his team,” said Carol Summerfield, co-founder of Engine On. “For the last three years, I have been looking for something like this, where digital innovation meets storytelling. We’ve found a great partner with the Pass It Down team and their platform.”

As community gathering spaces and museums continue to modernize, they are moving away from the perception of boring educational institutes by becoming active learning centers where people, (especially young children), can discover new knowledge about the world and challenge themselves.

Pass It Down and Engine On are partnering to merge groundbreaking new story spaces for education and cultural institutions. This recent partnership plays on their strengths within public/private initiatives for institutions, collaborating through groundbreaking technology and the ideology of digital momentum with borderless museum spaces.

Chris Cummings, CEO of Pass It Down, adds, “Our award-winning platform allows for the capture of user-generated content which creates amazing audience engagement, ensuring memories and stories are never lost, and leading to a stronger, more vibrant connection with place and community. It also enables communities to digitize their collections with interactive story maps, taking collections and history outside of the four walls for engagement.”

This model of collaboration provides new solutions, bridging the curated experience to the world outside, sharing more stories and experiences, and inviting the public to contribute their own memories, artifacts and objects, materials, and money to support communities and their institutions. It shifts experience from monologue to dialogue, allowing richer participation for audiences of all ages.

By bringing new interpretations and meaning to a site and/or an archival collection, visitors are grounded in the depth and breadth of the experiences, creating richer stories of a collective history. This shared philosophy and creative approach with Engine On and Pass It Down brings to life the abundant voices of communities, both historical and current, bringing deeper richer narratives that expand audience demographics and engagement.

“Visitors, members, and the community at large, can now learn through open-ended experiences and multiple narratives; an unbelievable shift in creating a more diverse and appealing context for understanding and perspective,” said Amy Fox, Co-Founder of Engine On.” It provides archival wealth by inspiring the curious quotient in all of us, as well as more robust and diverse narratives.”

About Engine On

Engine On continues to bring the best delivery models for audience engagement (both new and existing) to their clients, as well as consulting, marketing and project management. They assist borderless museums and institutions to leave convention behind and encourage users to revisit again and again with attractive and meaningful engagement.

About Pass It Down

Pass It Down is an award-winning storytelling company that works with families, organizations, and communities around the world to bring their stories to life. Since launching in 2015, Pass It Down has been recognized repeatedly as an innovator and leader in the field of storytelling. The Pass It Down Platform is cutting edge digital tool that allows you to digitize your archives and collections for access within the museum and online (to the volume you wish to make accessible). The platform makes collections nimble and is an expandable source for your interactive exhibits on site, allowing visitors to create and contribute their own memories to the platform. It is designed to engage a spectrum of ages, ensuring participation from your oldest residents to young school-age children.


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