BYU names Pass It Down as a company “on the cutting edge”

BYU names Pass It Down as a company “on the cutting edge”

This past weekend, Chris Cummings of Pass It Down was invited to give a “lightning talk” at the BYU Family History Workshop. This workshop is held in conjunction with RootsTech, the largest genealogy conference in the world.

The following day, the BYU Family History Center presented at RootsTech and spoke about “the cutting edge” of family history technology.

It was an unexpected honor for Pass It Down to be featured as a highlight in their presentation.

“While not an official award, this is validation that we are on the right track.” Said Founder Chris Cummings.

Cummings continued, “I ventured out to a very cold but beautiful Salt Lake City to attend the BYU Family History Workshop and RootsTech. My new startup, Pass It Down, was invited to come give a lightning talk about our digital storytelling platform to a group of researchers, software developers and professionals who all share a passion for family history. After ten months of hard work, and six years of dreams, we finally were starting to show the world what we have been building. It was a success!

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and, the next day, BYU gave a presentation at RootsTech on the companies that were on “The Cutting Edge” of family history technology. Pass It Down was featured as a highlight.”