4 Important Benefits of Storytelling

4 Important Benefits of Storytelling


Storytelling is the fundamental way that we communicate ideas and experiences with others, and it has some big benefits.

Storytelling benefits everyone that you encounter, whether it’s a loved one or a person that you cross paths with in your daily life. When stories are told there are some important things that happen. Here are four important benefits of storytelling.

1. Storytelling brings the family closer together.

When you share your stories with family members, it draws you and your family closer together. Storytelling allows people to feel things that they haven’t been able to experience themselves. A young family member may not have experienced a what her elders have, but their lessons and stories will have a tremendous impact and give her a better understanding of the world around her.  Not only does storytelling help family members bond, but it also creates a special experience between family members that has been scientifically proven to draw the family unit closer together. Storytelling brings generations together.

“Story telling is about connecting to other people and helping people to see what you see.” – Michael Margolis

2. Storytelling brings family trees to life.

Genealogy has made it easy to find our family trees and to know the names of our ancestors. But what about their stories?

By sharing and collecting stories, family trees are no longer names, dates, and data. Their stories can now be celebrated for years and generations to come. When you preserve stories, it makes family trees come to life. How so?

The stories that are uncovered allow a person to learn more about the storytellers journey through life. Preserving a family members handwriting only heightens this special preservation. Handwriting is a form of drawing. Pressure, size, slant –it speaks volumes about a persons personality.

3. Storytelling is good for our health.

Studies have proven that recording our family stories helps improve our mood disorders and reduces stress. It makes sense because when you tell a story, many times someone will either relate to something from the story or learn from it.

Storytelling is like humanities anti-depressant. 🙂

4. Storytelling creates a legacy.

Our memories and stories are some of the most valuable things we have in life. Unfortunately, with time our memories fade and stories can be lost forever. The truth is, we never know how much time we have left.

Tell your story. Don’t let someone else tell your story for you.

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